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You know that double brood of Periodical Cicadas that's supposed to emerge soon? That whole process is an excellent parallel to Mars passing through the last decan of Pisces and emerging into the first decan of Aries.

When Mars is in Pisces it signals a time of behind the scenes activity, incubation or humbling surrender. The periodical Cicadas, we expect to see this year, spend practically their entire lifespan beneath the surface living their private, mysterious lives. They emerge just under 2 months before their end of life to sing, mate and create the next generation.

It's no coincidence that these Cicadas are going to emerge during Mars' ingress to Aries. When I thought about it, this concept of life beneath the surface and then a grand emergence echoes the themes of the first decan of Aries so well. If you want to see where I'm coming from on this, check out the Aries Explorations in the Library– you'll find my recent exploration of the Aries I decan in detail.

In addition to this symbolic synchronicity, there is some very loose mathematical correlation to the life span of Cicadas and Mars' various cycles. Right now, Mars is about to restart it's journey through the Zodiac, and in alignment with that new cycle, we are also entering a new phase of Mars' overall rhythmic orbit. In a nutshell, Mars' grand cycle is slowing down right now.

While Mars is the planet of speed, action, and getting things done, this doesn't have to translate to a bad thing. Everything has an inhale and exhale. When we exhale, our heart rate slightly slows down but we also release built up CO2 in our body (blood). Right now, these Cicada broods are also in a process of release to bring in a new generation. So, with that in mind there is an overall theme of exhaling and releasing on the agenda.

When Mars moves into Aries on April 30, we can certainly expect the scene and this bubble to burst. We're coming off the heels of a fiery Eclipse and Mercury retrograde, so this ingress has a lot to say very loudly. If you have anything in the works that you've been crafting behind the scenes or you're steady working away with little recognition or payback– expect the momentum there to change.

All I'm saying is, in the midst of that rush, just keep the big picture of Mars in mind. Exhale. Release.


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As you know, there are so many other points in this Eclipse chart that we can spend hours delineating and dissecting. This is where the Eclipse schedule really comes into play because the schedule integrates all of the aspects in this chart.

The schedule that you see at the bottom of this post tracks all of the next significant dates from a global perspective. These dates may also be important to you if you have any planets or placements that aspect the Eclipse degrees.

So now I'm just going to walk through the dates talk about a few highlights, but please go ahead and read the list in detail and try to keep track of the dates. Keep them in your thoughts as things happen, and of course, I will be coming back to this to update it and catch on to any correlations that we find as the days pass.


April 10th to April 14th

This is when the Mars Saturn conjunction happens. This synod happens every two years and it was the event that was really significant to me - especially when looking back in history. This conjunction happened in Pisces 30 years ago; There was a headline regarding an extremist political party that was rooted in Judaism and it was a time where the Israeli government had to actually declare that group as a terrorist group. That was a really interesting correlation given all of the political distress an injustice that is happening in Palestine.

As we approach a kind of Saturn return to this conjunction, maybe we can expect to see similar themes play out again in Israel in regards to Palestine. Perhaps we will see some form of end or stoppage to the injustice. But because it's in Pisces– I'm not exactly convinced.

We could actually see a crossing of boundaries or some form of humanitarian issue where a higher government power has to come in and regulate what's happening; either way let's keep an eye out for that conjunction and how it relates to that area of the world.

DELINEATION: Humanitarian rights and themes will be prominent starting on or around these dates. Significant breaches or crossing an unreasonable boundary. Retracting statements or putting forward a new proposition that appears contradictory. Riots or protesting. Major disruptions or strikes related to distribution, exports, or exchange. Significant changes or disruptions that affect social media or various lines of communication in a restrictive or corrective manner.


April 21st to April 27th

Let's look out for a major technical breakthrough or some sort of recovery from a really disruptive situation. There may be some talks of spies, or sharing critical information, or some sort of confidential leak. We could expect some sort of falling accidents or aeronautics headlines– if you can recall, there has been some controversy regarding Boeing and airplane developments. So let's look out for that.

DELINEATION: Major technological breakthroughs or recovering from a severely disruptive situation. Significant turning point with domestic and internal affairs. Themes of spies, sharing critical details, or confidential leaks. Inside jobs and internal manipulations. A substantial disruption in the housing market or significant relocations. Tumultuous weather or a significant event in the sky. Falling accidents, flight, and aeronautic headlines. Major collective unions, alliances, or merging organizations.


May 2nd

There may be a crisis relating to water, sea creatures, and ocean related incidents. Pollution and hazardous materials may be a significant event on or around this date.

DELINEATION: Crisis relating to the water, sea creatures, and ocean-related incidents. Pollution and hazardous materials. Previous mysteries or unclear details become clarified. Finding hidden root causes or pinpointing blame for recent accidents.


May 6 to May 14th

This is where a major decision or legal hearing might be scheduled or finally take place. This is also around the time we should start seeing the cicada broods– those double broods. So lots of swarms, stampedes, or mass migrations may also come along with that.

DELINEATION: Major decisions and legal hearings are scheduled or take place. Themes of compensation or lawsuits. Public denouncing, formal legal declarations, or coordinating a formal opposition. Major defaults, significant disruption in financial markets, or massive bailout. Significant accident or crisis relating to a political leader. Swarms, stampedes and mass migrations (Cicada broods likely make headlines).


May 18 to May 22nd

I'm expecting another humanitarian crisis, or some sort of headline regarding it. It could be that there is a scientific discovery about the human body, the atmosphere, or outer space. We also have a major star that supposed to be visible in the night sky at some point – it's like a new Nova so that's something interesting to lookout for. Wherever in the schedule I've mentioned some sky related events that might be the time we can actually look out for it or expect it to actually occur.

DELINEATION: Humanitarian crises, accidents, or technical disruptions that affect large numbers of people. Social media legislation headlines. Developments in telecommunications, internet access, or devices used by the masses. New technology becomes accessible, creates disruption, or affects productivity. Scientific discovery about the human body, the atmosphere, or outer space.


June 2nd to June 9th

There may be some conservative leaning decisions, restrictions, or forced withdrawals, specially related to Foreign Relations. So this is around the time we could see some of the developments with TikTok finally take shape.

DELINEATION: Conservative-leaning decisions, restrictions, and forced withdrawals, especially related to foreign relations. Urgent response or an attempt to take early precautions. Sending a warning. Addressing the elephant in the room. Major statements by world or industry leaders cause a frenzy or have a double meaning.


July 4th to July 11th

Of course, this is a very festive time of the year for Americans. Because of all of the fears around war and conflict, we can only expect that there may be some sort of national security headlines or fear around national related events.

We can also look out for some sort of natural gas oil incident or some sort of contamination crisis. Since this time period corresponds with the Neptune placement in the Eclipse chart, maybe we can see some changes with the price of oil or some sort of significant change with a natural resource or commodity.

There may be some sort of order to isolate or stay inside or not use some sort of resource out of public safety and public health concerns, so let's stay on the lookout that.

DELINEATION: Themes of self-defense or preparing a defensive plan of action. National security headlines or fear around national-related events. Orders to stay inside or isolate. Crisis relating to large bodies of water, sea creatures, and ocean-related incidents. Natural gasses, oil incidents, or contamination incidents. Pollution and hazardous materials. Patriotic values lean towards prejudice. Rules or new developments target or further marginalize specific communities.


August 8 to August 13th

This is the time period where the ascendant of the Eclipse chart is significant. So this is where we're going to see a lot of truth about events happening around this time emerging and coming to light during that time.

We can expect some significant turning points in leadership. There could be a change in social and political trends that go in the opposite direction. There could be a major turn around or sudden disruption that effects celebrity public figures and creatives. So once again, we can lookout for the developments with TikTok.

There could be some significant change of plans or situations that cause usual activities to halt – so I'm really talking about potential election outcomes and processes. The North Node is in Aries, South Node in Libra axis is a very combative access so we definitely still need to stay on alert of issues around warfare and whatever type of unusual procedures that take place during a time of civil unrest, or in crisis, or something to that effect.

Let's just keep ourselves aware and ready for that– not to add to the Piscean fear based perception that I spoke about in the beginning of this analysis!

DELINEATION: Significant turning points for leadership. A change in social and political trends in the opposite direction. Major turnaround or sudden disruptions that affect celebrities, public figures, and creatives. Significant change of plans or situations that cause activities to halt or divert from normal operations.


That's all for now, I hope this analysis was insightful. Thanks for listening and your continued support. I'll catch you in the next post!


NOTE: These dates are universal, however the specific delineations are limited to areas that experienced this eclipse with a Leo rising chart (Eastern North & South America)

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