Hi! My name is Mst

Short for Mistee 🙂

I specialize in predictions.

My approach to Astrology is rooted in an indigenous, pre-hellenistic lens. I focus on geometry & mathematics to uncover hidden cycles beyond mundane transits. I combine modern & Joytisha techniques in my practice.

I’ve studied under Ra Akhu at the Cozmophyzix361 Academy & conducted research collaborations on Mayan Calendar & Human Design.

My goal is to create the kind of astrological library & creative content I wish I had access to when I started studying in my early teens.

At SOPDET TIES you will find support with understanding personal cycles, education & extensive resources to learn Astrology.

This space combines uncomplicated language with cutting edge technique to deliver an astrology experience like no other!



What is “SOPDET TIES”?

Pronounced “Sup – det Ties”


“Spdt” is an ancient name for Sirius.

Sopdet is in constant geometric alignment with Earth, pre-dating human observation of the sky.

SOPDET TIES” is a figure of speech representing this innate alignment.

Ancient indigenous people worldwide were extremely proficient at observing the sky. They understood the profound significance of this star.

Tracking the motion of “spdt” is a key element to understanding the origins of light, cycles, calendar making & advancing our knowledge of earth. 

It’s a reminder to stay connected to the sky & that Birth Charts are personalized calendars for advancing knowledge of self 💫

If you’ve found the work I share valuable and would like to return the favour, supporting this Library Fund would be highly appreciated!

Your donation supports my goal to provide quality research, improve the app & keep the predictive traditions of astrology alive 🧮 🔭